Diamond used in different Concrete Tools

The construction industry is considered as the second largest industry after agriculture in India. It is responsible for contributing significantly to the Indian economy and generates employment. In addition to that, it is  predicted by KPMG report that by 2025, the country’s construction sector will be the third largest in the world, after China and America, with an overall value of $1 trillion. With the rapid growth of population and urbanization, the construction industry has undergone rapid changes in the last few decade.

Its important to have some of the core concrete tools for construction industries and the diamond used in it in order to meet the demand with new ideas and techniques. Lets see some of diamond used in different tools for construction Industries:-

1. Concrete Cutter blades–

A concrete cutter blades has diamonds fixed on its edge for cutting hard or abrasive materials. There are many types of diamond blade, and they have many uses, including cutting stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, coal balls, glass, and ceramics in the construction industry. Diamond blades are available in different shapes:

  1. Circular diamond saw blades are the most widely used type of diamond blade.
  2. diamond gang saw blade is a long steel plate with diamond segments welded onto it. Normally, tens or hundreds of diamond gang saw blades are used together to saw raw stone blocks.

2. Concrete Cutting Diamond Wire –

Diamond wire saw used for concrete cutting, Reinforced, Concrete Beams, and demolition, diamond wire saw is composed of diamond beads, we are produce sintering based with rubber coated. Diamond wire saw are usually for large size or special-shaped cutting.


  • Small cutting gap for concrete
  • Fast cutting with low time consume
  • Flexible Cutting, Vertical, Horizontal


3.Wall Cutter Machine –

Concrete Wall cutter machine, we are making solid design offering a unique price/performance ratio. With their extreme capacity, the powerful sawing motor ensure perfect cutting result and are simultaneously easy to adjust.

These wall cutter machine will be helpful in

Wall cutter machine easily cut windows, doors large are cutting.

Concrete & reinforced runway, Concrete floors.

With overload protection improved labour productivity.

Low Maintenance with long life


4. Core Drill Machine–

Core drill machine mostly used for compressing and shape of concrete drilling.
It is working in wall drilling and runway tunnel. It is available in many fields of construction.
Machine function of soft-starting power, overload protection and adjustable bracket with aluminium vacuum base stand and drill an inclined bore at the angle of 0-90 degree.


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